The Rides
The Tunnel Hill Trolls are not a Mountain Bike club, just a group of friends who have a common interest in off road riding.  We originally met up via BikeMagic, the original thread is still there : BikeMagic.  As the group has got bigger and more active we now have our own Tunnel Hill Trolls (THT) Forum.

There are two regular weekday night rides.  These are on Tuesday and Thursday, all in the Farnborough area. Usually the rides start at 19:15 with the meeting point posted on the Weekly Ride area of the webpage.  The rides are generally organised a few days before the ride takes place so keep an eye on the forum.  Maps of all of the regular meeting points can be found here.

The Tuesday rides are well attended (our record is 50+ riders!).  Distance can be anywhere from 8 to 15 miles over 2 to 3 hours.

The 1st Tuesday night ride of each month is the 'Super Tuesday Ride' and is set aside for new or less experienced riders to join us. This provides an opportunity to talk to regular THT riders about the group and experience a night ride at a steady and relaxed pace.

Thursday night rides are faster and stop less than the Tuesday rides but the pace depends on who is leading. Typically we get 8 riders or less turning up, and ride further perhaps 15 to 25 miles over 2 to 3 hours.  If you have been on a few Tuesday rides and have found the pace easy then come along on a Thursday.

For all night rides you will need a good set of off road specific lights and a rear light for short road sections.  

Other rides (either local or further) are often arranged at the weekend and sorted out on an ad hoc basis.  These rides include areas such as Swinley Forest, Surrey Hills, Wales and Scotland.

The trails we ride are all in pine woodland usually on MoD training land. Most of our riding is done on Singletrack using fire tracks as links with minimal road sections. Difficult and tricky trail ‘features’ such as steep chutes, drops, jumps, bomb holes and other trail obstacles are found on the trails we ride.

You are welcome on any sort of bike.  Most night rides will see a mix of single speeds, gears, full suspension, hardtails and rigid bikes.  Single speeds are especially suitable for the trails we ride.  Whatever you ride please make sure it is in good mechanical order and suitable for the terrain we are riding.

You should be self reliant, prepared for mechanical failures (punctures and chain drive problems are most common) and carry suitable tools, spares and equipment to fix your bike. There are plenty of people to help you fix a problem if you don’t have the necessary trail side skills. A crash helmet and eye protection are essential, crashes are a fact of off road night riding, low branches and hidden trail obstacles are common on the routes we ride. We try to set the pace of the ride so that everyone can keep together and operate a sweeper (a rider who knows the area well rides last) to make sure people are not dropped off the back of the group and left on their own in unfamiliar surroundings. A mobile phone is useful to have with you just in case.

There are no subscriptions, fees, memberships, obligations or liabilities of any kind. You ride as an individual with responsibility for your own actions entirely at your own risk.

We are a friendly bunch of people who just enjoy riding off road, if you want to join us then just join the forum, post up a message and turn up, you are most welcome.
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